Quest Technologies Thanks Cambridge College Practical Nursing Program

The Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology practical nursing students are frequently out in the community providing health promotion education, assisting with health assessments, and delivering excellent service with a smile.

During the month of July 2016, the students assisted with wellness checks at various Head Start locations for the Community Coordinated Care for Children. As the young students prepared for the upcoming school year, they were met by smiling Cambridge nursing students that took their height, weight, and photograph, assessed their vision and hearing, and gave them a sticker of their choice along with their personalized identification badge. The 4C staff gave high accolades to the Cambridge nursing students for their professionalism and helpfulness. One staff member even said, “I don’t know what we would have done without the nursing students. Thank you so much for allowing them to come!” The students had a great time with the little ones as well, and they had a great opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with healthy pediatric clients.
Later in July Cambridge nursing students headed back out into the community assisting the American Kidney Fund at the National Council of La Raza conference. The students aided the organizations staff with checking blood pressures and educating visitors on hypertension and various kidney conditions. Again, the staff was very appreciative of the spirit of excellence that the student nurses presented with, and invited us to help aid in similar events in the future. The students loved the experience and felt like major blood pressure pros after the event. Several students even commented how they wish they had helped at the conference for the entire weekend!

Camp Thunderbird was another site of community involvement for the Cambridge practical nursing students in July. Over multiple weekends, the students played a very integral role in getting the camper’s checked into the camp for their one-week stay filled with fun activities. Camp Thunderbird is a camp that takes in special needs campers for a week and allows them to feel completely “normal” for that week, participating in some typical fun camp activities. Cambridge is very fortunate to have been able to partner with Camp Thunderbird and meet some campers with amazing stories to tell! During their time there the students conducted baseline health assessments and aided the camp medical staff in ensuring that the camper’s had their proper medications listed, intake paperwork completed, and documented deviations from the norm. The students gave great feedback and stressed that they felt that the experience shared with the campers was invaluable.

Cambridge has a great presence in the community that we are striving to expand. We want people to not only know that we exist, but to know that Cambridge is the school where anyone that wants to make a difference in the healthcare field can enter, feel welcomed, be educated, and leave with a spirit of excellence, impeccable skill, and confidence to make a positive impact with their patients and in the community. The Cambridge practical nursing program is of the higher echelon and will continuously place skilled, compassionate, licensed, and professional nurses into our surrounding community, without fail. We are Cambridge! Cambridge cares!