In Order to Care For Others, We Must First Take Care Of Ourselves, A Radiation Therapy Perspective – Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology – Radiation Therapy Program, Delray Beach (Palm Beach County), Florida

“Physician, Heal Thyself” (Luke 4:23) has been repeated so often, it is heard said almost tongue-in-cheek with casual thought to the importance of its meaning. “Physician, heal thyself”: before dealing with other’s needs, or flaws, we need to deal with our own.

Those who choose to study Radiation Therapy understand the importance of caring for others. At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, students spend a lot of time in class and in clinical learning to help; learning to “heal”. We care for patients at their most vulnerable time, as they go through life-saving cancer treatments. Students learn to care for a patient’s physical well-being. They learn to care for a patient’s emotional well-being. They learn to care for the well-being of the family and friends of patients. Add this to the caring of the student’s own family and loved ones, and students often feel the pressure of not having enough time or energy to take care of themselves.

Studies show that even after graduating school, health care professionals across all areas of medicine feel the high levels of stress that comes with giving so much of themselves to the care of others, without caring for their overall needs. At Cambridge, students understand the need to alleviate their own stress. They are taught stress management techniques, and the importance of taking time for themselves. Just as they learn to heal others, students at Cambridge learn to heal themselves. For it is only after we take care of ourselves that we are truly able to give our all in the care of others.

J. Kim Mylan, MBA, RT(T)
Program Director, Radiation Therapy
Delray Beach, Florida Campus