Important Job Skills for Medical Assistants in Orlando

What Skills Are Needed to be a Medical Assistant in Orlando?

Medical assistants are in high demand throughout the Orlando area. As a medical assistant, you’ll be a critical part of a patient’s medical care team.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do in Orlando?

A medical assistant’s main responsibility is to support medical professionals in patient care. You may work in an Orlando-based hospital, clinic, long-term care facility or another medical facility. Your days will differ as a medical assistant depending on your responsibilities and patient needs. Some of your tasks may include:

  • Changing wound dressings
  • Performing minor procedures such as stitching a wound
  • Obtaining blood and urine samples for diagnosis and treatment
  • Performing coding and billing insurance procedures
  • Assisting patients with physical or occupational therapy
  • Helping patients through meals
  • Taking and recording vital signs
Important Job Skills for Medical Assistants in Orlando

To fulfill your responsibilities, there are a few critical job skills you’ll need for success. Some of these job skills include:

  • Communication skills: You should be able to communicate well with medical professionals to best support your patients. You’ll also need to explain complex medical information to patients such as medication and surgical aftercare instructions. Communication skills will also help you speak to the families of your patients, answer telephone calls and respond to patient emails.
  • Medical knowledge: One of the most important job skills is basic medical knowledge. You’ll need to know basic medical terminology and procedures. For example, you must know how to administer medications, take vitals, draw blood and perform wound dressing changes.
  • Time management: Beyond patient care, you’ll have a wide range of responsibilities and tasks to complete each day. You must be able to manage your time wisely.
  • Computer skills: A lot of your daily tasks will involve computer work. For example, you may need to record patient vitals into their EMRs (electronic medical records). Or you may need to respond to patient messages via email.
  • Attention to detail: As a healthcare professional, you’ll need to be as detailed as possible in everything you do. For example, when recording a procedure inside a patient’s medical record, it’s important to explain the procedure in detail. These detailed records help medical teams deliver the best care moving forward.
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