How To Break Into the Medical Field in Miami

The medical field is constantly evolving and growing. Plus, there will always be a need for medical care. For these reasons, many students in Miami wish to break into the medical field. If this is you, know this: With some education and training, your dream medical career can be a reality.

To Break Into the Miami Medical Field, You’ll Need a Certification or Degree

To start a career in the medical field, you’ll first need to obtain a certification or degree in your chosen specialty. Cambridge’s programs prepare you for work by allowing you to learn from instructors with real-world experience. 

Plus, you’ll gain hands-on experience through externships you need for career success. We offer a wide range of certifications and degrees to fit your career goals.

Certification/Diploma Programs

Our certification or diploma programs take anywhere from 11 weeks to just over a year to complete. Certifications are a great way to enter the medical field quickly. These programs include:

Associate Degree Programs

Our associate degree programs take approximately two years to complete, depending on the degree path. These programs include:

What Medical Jobs Can You Get With a Certification or Degree?

The medical jobs you can achieve with these various certifications and degrees are countless. Here is just a small sampling of your options.

  • Medical Assistant certification: You can become a medical assistant within a hospital, doctor’s office or long-term care facility. You could also become a medical receptionist or medical office assistant.
  • Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography: With this degree, you could start a career as an ultrasound technician within many different facilities such as pediatric hospitals, cardiology departments and mother-and-baby wards.
  • Associate of Science in Nursing: As a nurse, you could work with patients in hospitals and clinics. You could also advance to become a charge nurse or a nurse manager. With experience, it’s also possible to become a nurse educator for patients with medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease.
  • Phlebotomy certification: This certification prepares you for a career as a lab technician. You could work in hospitals and clinics drawing blood to help providers diagnose illness and disease. Or you could work in a laboratory focused on testing samples sent in from area medical facilities.
Break Into the Miami Medical Field With the Support of Cambridge

Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology in Miami is here to support your career goals. Our programs enable you to enter the medical field with confidence. To learn more about our programs or to discover which program fits your career goals, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.