How Do Online BSN Programs Work?

Choosing an online BSN program is a great way to advance your career in the nursing field. When considering an online BSN program, you may wonder how it works and whether such a program fits into your busy schedule. 

How It Works—Cambridge College’s Online RN to BSN Program

At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology and Cambridge Institute of Allied Health, we are proud to offer an innovative RN to BSN program—entirely online—to students throughout the United States. Here are a few details on how our online RN to BSN program works: 

  • Instruction and interaction: Throughout the program, the instruction is delivered to students via online learning platforms. Instruction may be delivered in the form of live chat or video conferences but is most often relayed via recorded videos or bulletin board discussions. Your instructor may post assignments to the course site, and encourage students to post comments, ask questions and interact with students via the bulletin board.
  • Timing: The online delivery of our RN to BSN program allows students to work at their own pace and in their own time, provided assignments and discussions are completed within the window outlined by the instructor. Students may log in to the online learning platform, download assignments, post questions and interact with classmates whenever and wherever they like. 
  • Support: At Cambridge, we are committed to making our online RN to BSN program as enjoyable and rewarding as possible for every student. To reach that goal, support is always available. This includes one-on-one assistance from course instructors, as well as technical and logistical support related to the online learning platform. 
  • Campus visits: Some online programs require students to physically appear in class or on campus at specific points in the curriculum. Our RN to BSN program is delivered entirely online, with no physical campus visits required. This makes the program a viable option for students in any location throughout the United States. 

In many cases, the experience our students enjoy during the online RN to BSN program directly parallels that of a traditional, on-campus program. The same information and subject matter is covered, the same attentive support is offered, and the same diploma is issued upon successful completion of coursework. This makes an online program an attractive option for students looking to further their nursing careers without sacrificing work hours or their personal lives. 

Apply for the RN to BSN Online Program Today

At Cambridge, we are committed to providing the information and guidance you need to understand how each of our programs works. Our staff is happy to talk with you about our RN to BSN program and answer any questions you may have. Contact an advisor to learn more about our online RN to BSN program or to discuss your career goals.