Happy Thanksgiving to All Cambridge’s Leaders!

Dear Cambridge College Staff, Faculty and Friends,

While writing this note, I am thinking mostly about the awful hurricane damage that occurred to our students (and their families), staff and our faculty member’s homes. With Thanksgiving holiday approaching, we need to all pull together and be totally thankful for what we do have.

One of Cambridge’s goals is to always be Helping the Sick and Others! We have proven that our team cares for each other. I personally have witnessed our sharing and personal growth improvements during 2017. There are so many people suffering from diseases and illnesses that we, at Cambridge, are striving to help! With all of us, this goal needs to remain our core and center stage in everything we do.

Cambridge’s staff, students, and faculty are now all approaching the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  I hope that we can all stop and take time to be thankful. I hope that we all take this time to cherish our families and friends.

I, again, am especially grateful for all the people who work so hard to facilitate what happens on our campuses. This always includes faculty, students, alumni, our clinical and hospital sites and the community’s interaction. We are truly focused on creating a great platform for each of our student’s to grow into something special in their professions and in life.

I hope that, every day, each of us notices how hard our team members and students work to help our community be at its best.