Gallup Poll Highlights the Value of Career and Vocational Education like Cambridge College

Gallup and Cambridge

“To better understand the value of and satisfaction with career and vocational education, Gallup worked with Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) to survey a representative sample of its member schools’ alumni about satisfaction with their education. The results are based on the responses of 3,203 recent CECU alumni conducted in the fall of 2018. Gallup compared these outcomes to a nationally representative sample of associate degree holders to evaluate outcomes of career education and training.”

Here are a few of the key findings.

• CECU grads are more likely to quickly find good jobs upon graduation than are peers. (50% found good jobs within six months vs. 29% of peers. – 64% are employed fulltime vs. 55% of peers.)

• CECU alumni are more likely than their peers to have a job that interests them. A majority do work that deeply interests them.

• The majority of alumni are satisfied overall with their CECU educational experience, feel their CECU education prepared them for life outside of school and would recommend it to others.

• CECU alumni fare better than the national comparison in all wellbeing areas.

• Most military personnel and veterans feel CECU program prepared them for life outside of college (71% are satisfied with their education; 76% say their degree/certificate is related to their work).

• The majority of black and Hispanic graduates are satisfied with their CECU education. (They experienced a 60% average increase in median earnings following their degree. – Six in 10 say their school was perfect for people like them.)

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