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Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a great career choice if you have the desire to work and serve others in the medical field. A career in sonography can afford you endless opportunities of patient care. Working alongside healthcare professionals such as physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and various other healthcare professionals, you become a member of a community of individuals who are driven by the same values and purpose; taking pride in those we care for. Obtaining a career as a diagnostic medical sonographer will strengthen you as you begin to develop a passion for making an impact on the lives of others. Discovering your ability to be a part of saving a life is by far the most rewarding entity you will experience while working in the field of sonography.

Unfortunately, the ideologies that are often associated with diagnostic medical sonography can oftentimes be misguiding. When deciding if a career in sonography is the right choice for you, be thoroughly informed and understand that diagnostic medical sonography is more than determining the gender of a baby. There is an entire myriad of ultrasound specialties and each are associated with the countless responsibilities that are included in the daily job duties of a sonographer. Sonographers play a vital role in the diagnosis for treatment of conditions and diseases in the abdomen, breast, heart and blood vessels of the body. Sonography is often used with other imaging modalities to give aid to physicians and surgeons who are performing surgical procedures. Ultrasound guided imaging gives operating physicians a more precise internal landscape preoperatively, operatively and postoperatively. Understanding and knowing that patient’s lives could depend on ultrasound images profoundly highlights the level of importance that the role of sonographers possess.

The diagnostic medical sonography instructors and staff at Cambridge College are individuals who have all worked in the field of sonography and have experienced the challenges and great rewards the career has to offer. We take pride in educating our students and preparing them for the real-world experiences they too will encounter. Having the ability to attend internships in hospitals such as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and gaining the opportunity to train alongside physicians and renowned cardiovascular surgeons such as Dr. Redmond Burke, who has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative surgeons, affords our students the best possible training there is to offer.

If you want to find a passion within yourself like no other, then sonography is the career choice for you.

“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all; don’t let anyone limit your dreams.” -Donovan Bailey

Ms. Nicole Abraham
Program Director
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
Delray Beach Campus, Palm Beach County, Florida