Cambridge’s Medical Assistant students have the exciting opportunity to take live x-rays and develop them right in the classroom!

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Here we see how our Altamonte Springs Medical Assistant students’ are able to utilize “Charlie” the skeleton to obtain real x-rays!
The students are able to refine their x-ray skills in the lab using the skeleton, and then develop real x-rays using their “CR” (computerized radiography) processing system to help them to understand how critical patient part positioning is in the field of x-ray.


The students use “Charlie” to learn the anatomy on an actual x-ray, and then they use each other to learn how to interact with a real patient in real patient scenarios.

Cambridge offers Basic X-ray as a major component of the Medical Assistant program. Upon completion of the x-ray modules, the student will have completed all of the x-ray competencies required by the program.

Doctor’s offices and outpatient clinics are always looking for Medical Assistants with a wide range of skills that a MA would need to be successful in the field. Pairing basic x-ray with medical assisting is a recipe for success that gives our graduates an added advantage in the job market.



The Medical Assistant program also offers modules in Phlebotomy, Electrocardiography (EKG), Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacology, Front Office Processes, and much more!

Stay tuned for future content on our Medical Assistant program!