Cambridge to Offer Medical Assistant Programs & Classes in Miami

MA School Miami

Medical assistants are a critical part of a medical team. They do a full range of tasks—from recording a patient’s medical history to checking blood pressure measurements or giving a flu shot—that keep patients healthy and living their best lives.

And now there’s a brand new program for becoming a medical assistant in Miami, Florida. At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, we are announcing our new 36-week Medical Assistant Diploma Program that prepares students in the Miami area for employment in the medical field.

A New Opportunity to Become a Medical Assistant in Miami

The program is already successfully being run at our Atlanta, Orlando and Palm Beach campuses. But we’re bringing it to Miami to give students here an opportunity to earn certification as medical assistants.

Why is this new opportunity so important? At Cambridge, you get a school that combines a focused curriculum with a hands-on approach. You’ll learn everything you need to become a successful medical assistant, including:

  • Health field information
  • Human anatomy
  • Electrocardiography
  • Pharmacology
  • Phlebotomy
  • Radiography

You’ll also get real-world experience at hospitals, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities. You’ll learn how to work with real patients and be a valuable part of a care team. And you’ll know the skills needed to set yourself apart when applying for jobs.

Other colleges offer courses across many different fields, so they miss the in-depth industry knowledge that comes with focus. At Cambridge, health care careers are all we do. Because we focus exclusively on one industry, we know what it takes to get a job.

About Our Medical Assistant Certification Classes

Our medical assistant diploma classes are taught by certified instructors. These instructors use knowledge of the medical field to teach students the information they’ll need for entry-level jobs as medical assistants. Over the course of 36 weeks, students gain knowledge through classroom learning and externships in the Miami area.

After you complete your coursework, you can take Florida’s certification exam and get a job as a medical assistant. While certification isn’t required to be a medical assistant in Florida, many employers look for it when hiring. Having your certification will help you find your job in the medical field.

Learn More About Our Miami Medical Assistant Programs

To learn more about what it takes to become a medical assistant or to apply for our Miami program, contact an advisor today. We can help you understand your options and put you on the path to a new career.