Cambridge Institute’s Practical Nursing, Program Director Orlando (Altamonte Spring) campus attends ATI Conference


Rosalie Villecco, BSN, RN, CARN, the Practical Nursing, Program Director in Orlando, (Altamonte Springs) Florida, recently attended a 3-day writing workshop organized by ATI Mental Health. She had been chosen by ATI among other applicants for this all-expense paid trip. Rosalie had the opportunity to network with nursing education leaders from around the nation. She worked closely with the ATI content team and other nursing educators to write test items that may appear on future ATI Mental Health exams. In addition, she attended continuing education sessions on how to write test questions directed at Practical Nursing students as well as the psychometrics behind nursing tests. Rosalie will share this learning experience with the Practical Nursing Team to better enhance the Cambridge curriculum offered.

Rosalie came in 2nd place for having travelled the farthest distance to the conference, beating out only by Oregon!