Associates of Science in Nursing (ASN): Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology Associate of Science in Nursing Clinicals, Clinicians, and Critical Thinking

For most nursing students, there is anxiety about those first days working with live patients. The word “clinicals” can strike fear into the heart of the bravest and smartest. “How do you talk to strangers?” “When is it appropriate to ask someone about their medical history?” “Where do I put myself so that I am an asset to the nursing and medical teams in the facility?”

At Cambridge Institute, we strive to provide clinical opportunities that are inviting, informational, hands-on, and intriguing. Students should walk away from their clinical experiences pondering thoughts of improving care for the patients that they are assigned. As they build an arsenal of skills, including developed assessment skills, gained confidence with bedside skills, and acquisition of soft skills, like therapeutic communication and nonpharmacological comfort techniques, they also transform themselves into critical thinkers. From geriatrics to adult health to pediatrics, maternity, and mental health, Cambridge nursing students develop clinical skills that bedside clinicians must have in the fast-paced healthcare system. Whether those students leave and go into hospitals, clinics, long-term care (LTC), or private practice… the skills learned are necessary and valuable. Above all, Cambridge nursing students mature in their ability to critically think through difficult and challenging situations.

Clinical moments come in all forms, including hospital-based opportunities, health fairs, sports events, and working with governmental agencies like the Orange County Public Schools, and community-based groups, like 4C (Community Coordinated Care for Children) in Osceola and Seminole counties. Critical thinking skills are developed at all levels of care delivery, and we coordinate these points to make the most impact on the teaching-learning continuum. Keep your eyes open around Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard, Volusia, Lake, and Polk counties. You’re likely to see our students working in your communities, developing their skills and offering their support. Go Cambridge!