Cambridge College’s Leadership helps fund and assist the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem!

Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology’s leadership is at work helping the Holy Family Hospital. The Holy Family Hospital is owned by the Catholic Church’s Order of Malta, Cambridge’s CEO is a Knight. Holy Family is the premier maternity hospital and neonatal critical care center in Bethlehem region of the West Bank. Its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit cares for the most critically ill newborns, some weighing just over a pound. The Hospital’s NICU must be well resourced, since local government hospitals cannot medically support babies born under 32 weeks.

Just 500 yards from the birthplace of Christ, Holy Family Hospital stands as a beacon of hope and a haven for the defenseless throughout the Holy Land.  This Catholic teaching hospital provides comprehensive medical care without regard to religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. Hospital obstetricians and midwives deliver over 3,400 babies annually – including over 350 preterm babies – and provide obstetric, gynecological, and preventative healthcare for women of all ages.

An Instrument of PEACE in a Land of Historical Conflict

The Hospital serves as an instrument of inter-religious peace, where Christians and Muslims work together to provide life-sustaining medical care to all the mothers and babies of the Bethlehem region. The ever-resilient staff never closes its doors despite regional political conflict, road closures, and curfews. The Hospital serves all faith communities and seeks to promote peace in its interactions with those it serves.

A Beacon of HOPE for the Poor and Refugees in the West Bank

The Hospital’s Mobile Outreach Clinic addresses urgent public health and primary care issues endemic to the region, providing much-needed care to women and children living in remote desert villages surrounding Bethlehem. Over 25 percent of patients served at the Hospital are from nearby United Nations Refugee Camps. The Holy Family Hospital Well Woman Clinic provides essential preventative healthcare to the largely under-served population in the West Bank of women past the childbearing age.

Saint John Paul II named Holy Family Hospital one of the top priorities for the Roman Catholic Church in the new millennium.

Pope Francis said during his historic visit to Bethlehem, “Wherever children are accepted, loved, cared for and protected, the family is healthy, society is better, and the world is more human.”  Holy Family Hospital embodies this conviction through its commitment to providing state-of-the-art maternal care and neonatology services to poor and at-risk mothers, babies, and families.