Radiation Therapy Program in Delray Beach, Florida attends “Our Body: The Universe Within”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an exhibit is worth a thousand pictures.  The Radiation Therapy department of Cambridge College had the opportunity to attend an exhibit recently and the experience was invaluable.  The therapy students went to the “Our Body: The Universe Within” exhibit at the South Florida Science Center West Palm Beach, Florida (https://www.sfsciencecenter.org/our-body-universe-within).  An in-depth knowledge of human anatomy is essential to the success of a radiation therapist.  Our students begin their education process with two in-depth anatomy and physiology courses and accompanying labs.  As our students went through this critically-acclaimed exhibit, they were able to see their knowledge in “real life”.  This exhibit did a great job of showing the entire human body and how it functions.  It then allowed students to see each individual body systems, and highlighted arteries, veins and nerves that are often difficult to depict in a textbook.  These cadavers allowed anatomy to “come alive” for our students.

At Cambridge College, we understand that learning is not always best done through a traditional lecture in a classroom setting.  Occasionally learning must be fostered by showing students a path and allowing them to explore knowledge.  We cannot thank those at the South Florida Science Center enough for allowing our students to explore and find their own way to learning.  It was an experience that will not soon be forgotten!