Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Radiation Therapy—Business Snapshot

With the election behind us, we will move forward as a nation! Healthcare seems to be at the forefront of concern. Under the new administration there is a promise for significant modifications with the Affordable Care Act. What this means to us as radiation therapists is uncertain, and like all healthcare providers, and all citizens, we must wait.

But one thing will most likely not change. Healthcare is a business. The (sad) reality is that in order to maintain any healthcare facility, it must be treated like a business. While we recognize this fact at Cambridge College, we stress to students that the important part of healthcare as a business is that we are in the business of patient care. Where many business providers stress speed, radiation therapists must stress efficiency. While this may appear to be semantics, the distinction is imperative to a high quality of patient care.

Radiation therapy students at Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology learn to focus on accuracy when treating patients. The treatment team can only employ “speed” if it accompanied with an accurate treatment, and a concern that the patient’s physical and emotional needs are met. Everything we do must be centered around the patient; it is only in this way that the healthcare “business” can be successful.

While the future of healthcare is uncertain, our students can rest easy knowing that they will receive the education necessary to succeed no matter the healthcare situation. In keeping the focus on the patient, and providing accurate, caring treatment, our radiation therapy students will learn to be successful in any healthcare structure.

J. Kim Mylan, MBA, RT(T)
Radiation Therapy, Program Director
Cambridge College, Delray Beach, Florida Campus