Cambridge’s Practical Nursing & Associates Degree in Nursing in Delray Beach

We recently welcomed our newest Cambridge College practical nursing students on October 10th. The students are adjusting to their new and exciting role. They are learning about time management and how to fit their families and jobs into their studying schedules. It is a challenging task, but with solid mentoring and perseverance, they will succeed!

Our Register Nursing (RN) students just finished their Nursing Concepts course and are moving into Nutrition. The existing cohorts of Practical Nursing students are getting ready to go back out to their clinical sites. The students are learning about real life, hands-on nursing care that is directly needed to be a caring and competent nurse. Those students sitting in the classrooms are filling their heads with knowledge as they learn about nursing ethics and HIPAA laws. That’s what we nurses do…we smile and go about our tasks, quietly remembering confidentially is a must!

The Delray Beach Campus along with our sister campus in Altamonte Springs (Orlando), Florida are excited about growing, developing and educating future nurses. The new nursing related jobs are filling our local health care communities needs. If you have a big heart filled with lots of patience and compassion, why not stop by one of our campuses and see our passion in action.

Jeannie Applegate RN, MSN/MBA
Interim Program Director
Practical Nursing