What to Expect After You Complete an Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

What to Expect After You Complete an Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

Occupational therapy assistants (OTAs) assist occupational therapists in performing life-changing therapy for patients struggling with disabilities and injuries. Through Cambridge’s OTA program, you can make a difference in the lives of others. What happens after you complete your program?

The NBCOT Examination for Certification in Occupational Therapy

After your program, you’ll need to obtain certification to begin practicing as an OTA. This examination is called the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT). It solidifies your experience and knowledge in the field and certifies that you’re capable of safely delivering therapy to patients.

Currently, all states within the US require NBCOT certification before employment. This ensures patients receive the highest quality of occupational therapy and care. Our program will deliver the hands-on experience and knowledge required for licensing success.

Start Your New Job as an Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

After you obtain your OTA license, you’ll be eligible for entry-level employment. Occupational therapy assistants work in many different facilities from therapy centers to hospitals. And due to a need for therapy, many of these facilities are hiring OTAs often.

What You’ll Do Each Day as an OTA

Your day-to-day will be chock full of medical support and patient care. You’ll support occupational therapists by scheduling patient appointments, answering patient questions and returning phone calls. Your patient care responsibilities may include:

  • Providing interventions to infants and children with various disabilities
  • Assisting geriatric patients with improving skills such as eating and dressing after stroke
  • Recording patient progress and reporting treatment needs to the occupational therapist

How Cambridge Can Help You Land the Perfect Entry-Level Job

Finding your first position typically means searching through websites and job boards for the perfect entry-level job. And while this can lead you to several openings, it can be overwhelming. Cambridge can help.

Our Career Services department helps graduates find local job leads through our job placement program. Plus, our human resource professionals are here to give you interview tips and ways to sell your skills to potential employers.

You’ll be able to reach out Career Services department whenever you need us. We’re always on call, helping our graduates reach their career goals.

Learn More About Our Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology is here to help you reach your OTA career goals. Have questions about our program? Want to apply today? Give our team a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.