Is Physical Therapy Assistant a Hard Job?

Is Physical Therapy Assistant a Hard Job?

Many patients suffer from serious injuries or disabilities that require therapy to help strengthen their bodies. Physical therapy assistants (PTAs) work alongside physical therapists to provide this care. Although a rewarding career with many opportunities for growth, physical therapy has its share of challenges.

The Common Challenges of a Career in Physical Therapy

The medical field is one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. Plus, the PTA career specifically is expected to grow by 29% between now and 2029. This is much faster than the average growth for other medical careers. For that reason alone, many students choose to pursue a PTA career.

Yet, just like becoming a nurse or a doctor, there are challenges involved in PTA work. Some of those challenges include:

  • Educational requirements: PTAs must understand the human body to provide high-quality care. This means you must understand medical terminology and how certain exercises and treatments affect patient outcomes. Some of the subject matter such as anatomy and physiology can prove to be challenging for new students.
  • Physical demands: Once you become a PTA, you’ll work on your feet throughout most of your workday. You’ll also be required to assist patients with exercises that require you to get physical.
  • Patient support: You’ll need to be able to support patients, regardless of their medical condition. This means you may need to support patients struggling with difficult diagnoses and injuries such as amputations. This level of care can be emotionally difficult at times, especially as you build relationships with your patients.
Cambridge College Helps Prepare You for Any Challenge

You don’t have to fear the challenges associated with becoming a successful PTA. With the proper education and support, you can start your career as a PTA with confidence. Cambridge College provides the knowledge and support you need through our Physical Therapy Assistant program.

You’ll learn the subject matter you need for success such as medical terminology, anatomy, health science and physical therapy basics. Plus, our expert instructors will provide tools and methods you can use to properly care for your patients and yourself.

Learn More About Our Physical Therapy Assistant Program

Ready to get started? Cambridge College is here to support you throughout your program and as you begin your new career. To learn more about our Physical Therapy Assistant program or to apply today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message. Let us help you reach your educational and career goals!