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With most programs lasting under a year, it’s never too early for a visit to the Career services office. Here you’ll receive helpful one-on-one coaching and preparation from an experienced human resource professional. Our advisor offers insight on employers, giving you the edge and allowing you to make a lasting impression.

Cambridge career services advisor prepares you to position yourself strategically for the healthcare job search. I can help you with virtually everything you need to know – how to identify opportunities in your area of expertise, how to present yourself, and how to sell your skills and abilities. We can also help you with the “nuts and bolts” of your search – including building a professional resume that will set you apart.

Everything I do at Cambridge ultimately leads to career services, as we recognize that you are here to gain skills for a new career. This department is your central resource for success as you get started on your new career path, and beyond. In fact, many Cambridge graduates continue to utilize the services of our placement office well into their careers.

Best of all, our career services staff is always on call for Cambridge students, providing excellent job leads through the Cambridge network of medical employers and professionals. Career opportunities include hospitals, physicians’ offices, medical clinics, diagnostic centers, laboratories, medi-spas, medical clinics, insurance companies, HMOs and many others.  Call your Career Services Advisor today!

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