Associate of Science in Nursing Program Announcement Delray Beach Campus, Palm Beach County, Florida

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology is proud to announce an Associate of Science in Nursing program at its Delray Beach campus in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are committed to continuing to lay the prospective student’s foundation by preparing our Associates of Science in Nursing for rewarding careers in nursing and related healthcare programs. At our two Florida campuses, in Altamonte Springs campus, Orlando, and Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, our students learn with the same technology used in hospitals and medical facilities. You’ll receive personalized instruction from our faculty to help prepare you for the future, no matter where you are in your nursing career.

Becoming a Registered Nurse is a way to get a solid foundation in nursing. Get the degree you need to become a confident, skilled healthcare professional that will give you valuable real-world clinical experience as you continue your education toward an Associate Degree in Nursing.