A Thanksgiving Message from Cambridge President Dr. Terrence LaPier

Cambridge College

Dear Cambridge Team & Friends: 

What a year we are all having in 2020! We have had so many things thrown at us, and we still thriving. It truly shows who we are as leaders. Yes, we always need great leaders.

I thank you each for not whining and complaining during these Covid-19 times. Instead, I see and hear great internal attitudes and accomplishments. That means a lot to me and all of us as leaders.

As many of our students, faculty, and staff are starting their Thanksgiving Break it is important for me to write each of you this thank you note. Soon, the holiday activities before the year-end will occur. I hope every year, that we can all stop and take time to be thankful. This year, it’s even more so. I hope that we all take this time to safely cherish our families and friends. Zoom works for me! I hope we can look back and appreciate how many people we positively helped in 2020. That’s what it is all about!

There are a lot of other things that deserve thanks at Cambridge. Indeed, there are too many to list in any short message. I have seen and heard feedback on so many positive examples of virtual classes, virtual lectures and simulations, and faculty to student monitoring discussions. I am grateful for all of it, which is what defines a truly great healthcare and IT training college. 

I hope that each of us recognizes how hard our staff and faculty members work to help students. I know so many staff members each day are often quietly mentoring students or helping a new student.  We are excited, listening and watching each day! We all have great futures to look forward to, so let’s keep our spirits up!  We are, Thanking each of you.

Transitioning to Educational Excellence is our Cambridge Theme. 

With an Elbow Bump,
Terry LaPier