A Message of Thanks from Cambridge

Dear Cambridge Friends,

As many of our students, faculty, and staff are starting their Thanksgiving break it is important for me to write each of you this thank you note.

Soon, the holiday activities before the year-end will occur. I hope every year, that we can all stop and take time to be thankful. I hope that we all take this time to cherish our families and friends. And I hope we can look back and appreciate how many people we positively helped in 2019.

There are a lot of other things that deserve thanks at Cambridge. Indeed, there are too many to list in any short message. The Atlanta campus St. Francis Food Bank event that served over 300 homeless really touched me. They had 32 Cambridge volunteers in a heartbeat who wanted to help and serve. That is who we have been striving to be — great leaders who help the sick and poor.

Recently, I have seen and heard feedback on so many classes, lectures, student competitions, community service activities, and discussions. I am grateful for all of it. This is what defines a truly great allied health and IT healthcare training institution.

I am especially grateful for all the people who work so hard to facilitate what happens on campus. This includes faculty, students, alumni, and the community participants. We are truly focused on creating a great learning platform for each of our students to grow into being something special in their lives and professions.

I hope that each of us notices how hard our staff members and students work to help our campus communities. I know so many staff members each day are often quietly saving the day for a student or a new student visitor. We are listening and watching! We are thanking each of you.

Cheers to Educational Excellence.

With a Handshake (and a Hug),

Dr. Terrence LaPier
Chancellor & CEO