Electronic Medical Records Management Training

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Hospitals Need IT & Networking Professionals Now to Work in Electronic Medical Records

If you’ve been thinking about a degree in Information Technology (IT), you might want to take a look at a career in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) before you decide. If you’re not familiar with career opportunities in the EMR field, you might be surprised to learn it’s one of the largest growing areas in innovative applications and IT. As a fully trained EMR technician, you will use your knowledge to manage, support and protect the integrity of patient information on an electronic platform. You can expand your job opportunities to include working in hospitals, medical offices, medical record facilities and libraries, clinics, insurance companies, and medical billing companies. As a trained EMR professional, you’ll learn about electronic medical office procedures, computer applications, computerized practice management, records management systems and more. Something else you might want to consider is the job outlook for EMR technicians is higher than the national average. Intrigued yet? Read a few statistics.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published the projected percent change in employment from 2012 to 2022 as 22% for Electronic Medical Records and Health Information Technicians, indicating that this field has a much faster rate of job growth than the national average of 11% for all jobs. The expected rate of growth is because demand for health services is expected to increase as the population ages. If you have been looking into IT jobs and the average IT job salary, a career in EMR management is a great alternative to consider.

Now’s a good time to explore all of your career possibilities. Hospitals need IT & Networking professionals now, to work in the area of electronic medical records management. Why not choose an education in EMR, where you can put a wide range of skills to work in the highly respected medical field, supporting computer systems that use the latest innovations in technology?

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