Radiologic Technology Curriculum Altamonte Springs Campus

Radiologic Technologist Training of Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology
Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredits
ENC 1101English Composition3
SPC 1016Fundamentals of Speech3
BSC 1085Anatomy & Physiology3
BSC 1085 LAnatomy & Physiology I Lab1
BSC 1086Anatomy & Physiology II3
BSC 1086LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab1
HSC 1000Introduction to Health Science3
MAC 1105College Algebra3
MEA 1239Medical Terminology2
CTS 1050Introduction to Computers3
PSY 1012Introduction to Psychology3
RTE 1201Introduction to Radiologic Sciences3
RTE 1025Principles of Image Production I2
RTE 1026Principles of Image Production II2
RTE 2025Cross Sectional Anatomy/Advanced Modalities3
RTE 1030Radiographic Physics4
RTE 1270AClinical Externship I A5
RTE 1280AClinical Externship II A5
RTE 2005AClinical Externship III A8
RTE 2010AClinical Externship IV A8
RTE 2020AClinical Externship V A8
RTE 1206Radiographic Procedures V2
RTE 1206LRadiographic Procedures Lab V1
RTE 1202Radiographic ProceduresI3
RTE 1202LRadiographic Procedures Lab I1
RTE 1203Radiographic Procedures II3
RTE 1203LRadiographic Procedures Lab II1
RTE 1205Radiographic Procedures IV2
RTE 1205LRadiographic Procedures Lab IV1
RTE 1204Radiographic Procedures III2
RTE 1204LRadiographic Procedures Lab III1
RTE 2500Senior Registry Review3
RTE 2015Radiographic Biology & Protection3
Total Credits99