Ophthalmic Technician Curriculum

Ophthalmic Technician Training School
  • Diploma
  • 900 clock hours
  • 37.5 Instructional Weeks
  • Residential


The Ophthalmic Technician program at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology is designed to provide training and education in order to prepare graduates to plan, deliver, and manage patient care as an ophthalmic technician. The program offers students the opportunity to learn to effectively function as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team in a healthcare delivery system. At the completion of the program, graduates who have attended class and their clinical externship, studied, and practiced their skills should have the ability to seek entry-level employment as ophthalmic technician.

Core Curriculum
Course Code Course Name Hours
OPT100 Ocular Anatomy & Physiology 60 clock hours
OPT105 Ocular Pathology & Microbiology 60 clock hours
OPT110 Medical Terminology 60 clock hours
OPT115 Introduction to Health Science 60 clock hours
OPT120 Administrative Procedures & Protocol 120 clock hours
OPT125 Clinical Procedures & Protocol 240 clock hours
OPT130 Ocular Imaging & Pharmacology 150 clock hours
OPT200 Externship 150 clock hours

Total 900 clock hours