Medical Assistant Curriculum Delray Beach

Medical Assistant Curriculum Altamonte Springs

The Medical Assistant curriculum at Cambridge is designed to provide students with career training for employment as a Medical Assistant with an additional skills set in imaging, specifically Basic X-Ray.

This lesson plan leads students through medical basics including anatomy and physiology, medication administration, phlebotomy, and specialized classes in X-ray technology and medical imaging. This unique medical curriculum also devotes a significant amount of time in developing hands-on experience in healthcare facilities and with high-tech X-ray equipment.

Curriculum Requirements

  • 46 Weeks
  • 1150 Clock Hours
Course Code Course Description Clock Hours
HC101 Heath Core and Body Systems 100
XR101 Introduction to Radiography for the Medical Assistant
XR102 Radiography of the Chest, Upper Extremities & Shoulder 70
XR103 Radiography of the Lower Extremities, Abdomen & Pelvis 70
XR104 Radiography of the Skull & Spine
MA100 Introduction to Medical Assisting 20
MA101 Administrative Medical Office Procedures 80
MA103 Anatomy / Physiology / Related Diseases 80
MA104 Electrocardiography 80
MA105 Pharmacology/ Medication Administration 80
PH101 Phlebotomy 120
MA106 Clinical Procedures 100
MA107 Medical Assisting Externship 200
Total Hours 1150