Medical Assistant Curriculum Atlanta

The Medical Assistant curriculum at Cambridge is designed to provide students with career training for employment as a Medical Assistant.

This program leads students through medical assistant basics including anatomy and physiology, medication administration, phlebotomy, electrocardiography, and clinical components. This is a traditional medical assistant program that will fulfill the requirements for certification with the American Medical Technologist (Registered Medical Assistant) and the American Association of Medical Assistants (Certified Medical Assistant).

Curriculum Requirements

  • 36 Weeks
  • 900 Clock Hours
Course CodeCourse DescriptionClock Hours
HC101Heath Core and Body Systems100
MA101Medical Office Process60
MA102Financial & Insurance Office60
MA103Anatomy / Physiology / Related Diseases80
MA105Pharmacology/ Medication Administration80
MA106Clinical Procedures100
MA107Medical Assisting Externship220
Total Hours900