The Order of Malta – Cambridge Embraces the Helping of Others

Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology’s leadership team member is preparing for departure to meet nearly 5,000 Knights and Dames of the Order of Malta when they travel from all over the world to Lourdes, France in May 2015. The Order of Malta really means – devotion, service, and fellowship. The Order’s participates minister to the sick and disabled (referred to as “malades” in French).

Knights, Dames, and volunteers are assigned to small teams, assisting a different malade each day from early morning into the evening. With each team of 350 members, there are 100 medical doctors and registered nurses traveling to assist the teams and the malades. The doctors and medical staff come from various backgrounds including internal medicine, radiology, radiation therapy, registered nurses, nursing practitioners and other healthcare related professionals.

This trip to Lourdes is an example of how Cambridge’s culture embraces the helping of others and is a centerpiece of its leadership teachings and is part of the underlying foundation of giving back and helping others.